On my website on Astronomy and Astrophotography you will find information about me and what I am doing. I am an amateur astronomer since 45 years. 40 years ago I started taking pictures of the night sky. For many years I only had a tripod and a camera. Today I own a small observatory with several telescopes for taking photos and watching the sky visually. I offer on my homepage: 1. CCD-astrophotography from my location Buxtehude (near Hamburg, Germany). Objects are star clusters, supernovae, galaxies and nebulae (emission and dark nebulae) but also comets, the sun, the moon and planets. 2. My experience with my telescopes and doing astrophotography


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I like to take photos of deep sky objects. Until 2009 I used a CCTV-camera but since then I take the photos with cooled CCD-cameras from my backyard in a small town in Northern Germany, though unfortunately under a light polluted sky.
Enjoy !

Partial solar eclipse, 10 June 2021
Partial solar eclipse, 10 June 2021

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