M 27 (Dumbell nebula)

My first trial to take a picture of M27 with the C9. The nebula is much brighter than I thought. The characteristic double-cone structure is nearly overexposed. But at the waiste of the double-cone two ears emerge from the background. Absolutely no problem is the 13.4 mag bright central star. (cropped picture)

Date: 04 September 1999, 22.50h CET

Lens: f=1480 mm f/6.3

Guiding: manually with C5 at 139x

Exposure time: 30 minutes

Film: Kodak Royal Gold 400

The guiding magnification of 139x is apparently not high enough. The stars are elongated.


A darker print of the same negative shows much more details in M27. On the other side a lot of faint stars remain invisible.

Stacking of the scans of the two prints shows both the brighter and the darker areas of the picture best.