Manfredīs Astrophotographs (Deep Sky)

My photos taken with a CCTV-Camera can be found here. Sorry, but the remarks are currently only in German language available.

M 81

M 31 (Andromeda-Galaxy) 40kB

M 81 (Galaxy in Ursa Major) 92kB

M42 1999
HII-Emission Nebulae


M 42 (Orion Nebel, 1999) 42kB

Nebula around g Cygni 39kB

NGC 7000 (North America Nebula) 49kB

M 45
Open Star Clusters

M 45 (Plejades) 46kB

M 13
Globular Star Clusters

M 13 (Globular Star Cluster im Hercules) 58kB

M 15 (Globular Star Cluster im Pegasus) 28kB

M 27
Planetary Nebulae

M 27 (Dumbell Nebula) 52kB

V1494 Aql
Interesting Star Fields

V1494 Aql (Nova Aquila 1999-2) 60kB

h and c Persei 60kB


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