M 42

New picture of M42 with a new film type. Guiding was still not good enough. I let the guide star move too much forward and backward along the crosshairs.

Date: 12 February 1999, 22.15h CET

Lens: f=1480 mm f/6.3

Guiding: manually with C5 at 278x

Exposure time: 20 minutes

Film: Kodak PJM 2 (Ektapress Multispeed)

The picture at the top was obtained by scanning a brighter and a darker print. Also, the gamma correction of the scanner was varied. This was necessary because the negative had a greater dynamic range than the prints. The scans were then stacked. By this method I was possible to show both, the details in the bright center and the fainter outskirt of the nebula.

Scanned with gamma=0.5

Scanned with gamma=2.5